Leftists Love Islamic Lies – Jon Robberson, Producer Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Anyone with two bits of common sense sees that we are on the greased edge of a very messy fight in America.  Why?  Because somewhere between a quarter and half of the crackpot left in the US are so overwhelmed with guilt, so riddled with poor self image, they have become apologists for a Satanic system, that is designed to dupe them and then destroy them. Playground politics do not work in the real world.

“Well if we are just super duper nice to them, they will be nice to us.”  Teach that to your first grader.  It is a solid fundamental in developmental behavior; for kids.

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Reprieve or Ruin? – Sgt. Tim, Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Over the past few years, the United States has experienced an increase in the number of civil unrest incidents. From the protests turned violent in Ferguson to this past weekend’s events at UC Berkley, it seems that the fabric of these once United States is coming undone and fraying at the ends. With articles like this one from the Associated Press, with its more subtle hints, to the out and out hit pieces in the mainstream media – not just on President Trump but on the conservative right as a whole – the press is pushing the idea that people are in a state of unease over the actions of our new president and the political climate in general. In truth, by raw numbers, perhaps there is need to be uneasy, but the truth is that across the country, something far more sinister is at work here, and has been at work for many years to get us where we are now. I ask you to bear with me to the end of this article, and to hang in there, as I have come to understand that my thinking is not always linear on these topics, and for some of you, this may take you further down the rabbit hole than you have ever been…

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‘Rogue One’ Inspired Trump Resistance Massacres The Politics Of Religion – Alex Yiannopoulos

The feel-good religion of the Light Side apparently consists in little more than muddleheaded platitudes about hope and change.

Usually, Hollywood writers leave their intellectual influences implicit in the script: “follow your dreams,” “be true to yourself,” “question authority,” “don’t conform,” and a million other clichés. You know the ideology: it’s present in just about every Hollywood movie, especially those made after 1970.

Shortly after Donald Trump’s win, however, two “Rogue One” writers made the relationship between their political ideology and their product explicit. One tweeted, “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization.” Another responded: “Opposed by a multicultural group led by brave women.” Since then, some opponents of Trump have taken to calling themselves “the Resistance.”

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Does God exist? How does one know? – Culture and Apologetics – MBrunet

Recently, while at work, I overheard my colleague say “I don’t know if God exist or not. I haven’t quite figured that out.” Being, that the gentleman was in his sixties, his time to work through that proposition is drawing to a close and changing his worldview at his age becomes more and more difficult the older he gets. Some people are skeptics and use that as a foil to never really deal with that issue while others question God’s existence hoping one day to know for sure. I believe that if we fail to answer that question correctly, it will have eternal consequences. It’s certainly a question worthy of ones time and one that our culture continues to deny. More and more we see people leaving the church and embracing an atheistic philosophy. So, the question arises… is it possible to know if God is real or is God merely a projection of man’s imagination?

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I don’t know how we cannot see it. Even those who were raised in “Christian” homes seemed to be wandering aimlessly in the moral cesspool known as America. The Scriptures warn us that “When there was no God in Israel everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

Young American Christians are afloat in a sea without a compass. We have failed to train them to navigate the rough waters of the debaucherous American culture. If today’s parents don’t lose their children in high school they are sure to lose them in college.

It is my experience that for most of the Millenials I come in contact with “religion” is not the guiding factor in the moral decisions that they make. We have taught them to FEEL, not to think. Emotions are a poor foundation upon which to build moral values.

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