Israel Wayne at Calvary Chapel of Lima – Saturday, December 9th

Israel Wayne will be joining us Saturday, December 9th from 1 to 5pm. Sessions include:

  1. Why a Christian worldview is important
  2. What the Bible says about Christians educating their children
  3. Revival in the home
  4. Creation science apologetics

This is a free conference. Email Pastor Mike – for more information.


Calvary Chapel of Lima

682 W. Grand Avenue

Lima, OH 45801

Reflections on Hear The Watchmen Conference – Dallas

Hi friends. Kathy and I made it home Monday afternoon after spending Thursday evening through Monday morning at the Hear The Watchmen (HTW) Conference in Dallas. I’m still not caught up on everything that needs to be addressed but I simply must take some time to share with you some thoughts about this past weekend.

Kathy and I have been to many conferences over the years. We were both saved in 1983 and since that time have attended too many conferences to begin to count. Most of them were worthwhile, a few were not, but only a handful standout. At the top of the list of these outstanding conferences is this recent HTW Dallas Conference.

What made it so very special was the clear presence of the Holy Spirit. Evident to both of us from the moment we arrived and gathered with the other speakers for a meal prior to the official start of the conference on Friday, was the singular purpose and goal. We were there to encourage and equip the remnant body of Christ and one another.

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The Write Stuff Radio Show with Parker J. Cole

Parker J ColePJC banner

Hi friends. I have the honor of appearing on the Parker J. Cole show Saturday, February 6 at 2pm EST. You may listen via this link ––husbands-wives–the-parker-j-cole-show 

You may call (646) 668-8485 to ask a question.


Matthew 5:17-48 – Jesus Speaks About The Hot Topics Of His Day – Part 2

sermon on the mount

This is part two of this sermon. Click here for part one.

Hot Topic #4 – V33-37

Four high schools boys were late to their morning classes one day.  They entered the classroom and told their teacher that they were detained due to a flat tire and not to any type of joy-riding or other activities associated with trying to get to school.

The teacher of these 4 fine students smiled knowingly and said, “You know you missed a test this morning but I’m willing to let you make it up if you can answer one question.”  “Sure”, the students replied.

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Be Offensive In Love (Part 4)

Thus says the Lord of hosts,“Do not listen to the words of the prophets who are prophesying to you. They are leading you into futility; They speak a vision of their own imagination, Not from the mouth of the Lord. “They keep saying to those who despise Me, ‘The Lord has said, “You will have peace”’; And as for everyone who walks in the stubbornness of his own heart, They say, ‘Calamity will not come upon you.’ Jeremiah 23:16-17

Some in the Church today have thrown in the towel and raised the white flag of surrender. They have decided that instead of standing firm on conviction and doctrine, it is far more expedient to agree with the latest cultural ideal of equitable treatment.  Unfortunately, those who have given up the biblical position concerning marriage have succumbed to the siren song of postmodernism and have become blind to the consequences of their misguided expressions of love.

Christians who continue to hold to the teaching of the Scriptures concerning homosexual behavior should not be surprised at the rapid turn of events being played out in America today.  The tares have certainly been growing among the wheat so that now in many denominations the tares have completely taken over and crowded out the wheat.

A recent “Relationships in America” survey supports this conclusion.  Respondents were asked to give their views concerning a wide range of sexual activity including viewing pornography, premarital cohabitation, abortion rights, open sexual relationships, and the need for marital fidelity.

The survey’s conclusion?  Those confessing Christians who support same-sex marriage hold the same views as the general population. For instance, on the question of viewing pornography, Christians who support same-sex marriage also support viewing pornography at a level slightly higher than the general population – 33% to 31%%. On the subject of abortion, Christians who support same-sex marriage also support abortion at a higher level 39% to 37%, than does the general population.  Similar results are demonstrated across the board. This is not holiness friends, this is philosophical assimilation in the least and frankly unrighteousness unmasked.

The point in all of this?  Christians who support same-sex marriage are not “cutting edge, compassionate, enlightened, right side of history” types. Rather, they are deceived and drinking the Kool-aide of the enemy who is stealing futures, killing congregations, and destroying their testimony of the God who forgives and saves from all sin.

Stay tuned for the conclusion to this series, “Be Offensive In Love – Part 5.”