Answering Islam

I recently received an email from a Muslim living in Ohio.  She was aghast at the breaking news of the US Government’s sponsorship of STD testing on unsuspecting Guatemalans in the 1940’s.  Her shock took the form of the statements and questions below:

I couldn’t believe my ears hearing this!!!! so is THIS an act of terrorism or what??? or if it’s only on “regular white American people” THEN and only THEN we would call it “TERRORISM”???? How I would appreciate answers from White American Friends who were really concerned about Sept 11, AND on any attack on white Americans only???

This is not the first correspondence I have had with this Muslim woman.  Her previously stated positions include the position that 9-11 was an US Government sponsored plot and that Islamic terrorism is the result of evil US foreign policies concerning Islamic nations and Israel.  Aside from her obvious belief in the inherent racism of white Americans, there are many “holes” in her confused argument.  My response to her request for a response is shown below.

“I do not fit the stated qualifications for responding since you asked for responses from “White American Friends who were really concerned about Sept 11, AND on any attack on white Americans only???”  I’m concerned about acts of terrorism committed against any and all people. My response to this act in the 1940’s by US Government sponsored doctors is that it is horrible and evil.  Did you hear on the clip that this activity was conducted with the full knowledge and cooperation of the Guatemalan government?  Very, very sad.  It is a very good reminder of the evil that governments in general can do and what has and continues to happen in many Muslim/Arab lands dominated by Islam. History is replete with examples of Islamic barbarism.

Take for example Egypt.  Perhaps the government of Egypt would like to apologize for their mass murder of thousands of Copts and the destruction of their churches over the last few centuries?  See one recent article here –  I don’t expect to hear any apologies from Egypt.

Perhaps Saudi Arabia would like to open its country up to the building of churches and synagogues as a way to show that it is interested in tolerance and the rights of people to worship in the way they see fit instead of continuing to fund and teach Wahhabi Islam, which is the most radical, jihadist form of Islam?  Perhaps Iraq can apologize to the Kurds and Iran to its many citizens that it has tortured and imprisoned for no other reason than they held a different political view than the Islamic Clerics?  Perhaps the nations surrounding Israel would like to apologize for lying for decades about the Palestinians and their history?  Perhaps Hezbollah and Hamas would like to apologize for the destruction they have brought on Lebanon?  Perhaps Syria would like to apologize for its financing of murderous Islamic jihadists?  I don’t expect to ever hear any apologies from any of these Islamists for the atrocities they have and continue to commit against innocent people.

Perhaps the Islamists in Indonesia, Malaysia, and India would like to apologize for murdering their own citizens, burning churches to the ground and intimidating governments into submission.  See Voice of the Martyr site for hundreds of articles –  Perhaps the Islamists in England would like to apologize for bombing London’s subways and the radical Islamists who blew up the train in Madrid, Spain would apologize to the families who lost loved ones?  Perhaps Libya would like to apologize for welcoming as a hero the convicted murderer of hundreds on the airplane over Scotland.  I don’t expect to hear any apologies from these Islamists.

Your example of evil perpetrated against innocent Guatemalans by the US Government in no way justifies what radical Islam perpetrates globally today.  What the US did was evil and should be denounced as such.  Evil is evil regardless of who commits it.  Murdering innocent people and excusing that as vengeance or revenge for what a government did or has done is wrong.  I am willing to say that many actions of the US government are evil.  Are you willing to do the same about Egypt?  Are you willing to break with the Islamic story-line and code of silence that all Islamic violence is in retaliation and is therefore justified?  

Please note that the evil behavior of our government is done without Christian sanction.  I do not support many of the things my government does and I am very vocal about this.  I have called past US Presidents evil by name.  I state clearly where our President is wrong and offer the Christian position in contrast.  The same cannot be said about Muslims living in Islamic controlled nations.  Do you take the time to evaluate your Islamic Clerics and denounce their anti-American rants and demagoguery?  What nation besides America would allow its sworn enemies to immigrate here and then speak hate against the very nation that give them liberty untold of in the lands they came from? 

I also want to point out that your sensationalism (multiple exclamation points, capital letters for emphasis and multiple question marks) masks a weak/straw man argument.  You are suggesting that white Americans are only concerned about other white Americans and evil committed against other ethnicities is ignored.  I find that argument false, ridiculous, and transparent.  It is racist at its core and is an affront against Americans of all ethnicities. You’re not listening to Americans if you think that only white Americans are insulted by the continued nonsense emanating from the Islamists and our own leftist media, social, and cultural elites.  

The real issue here is your transparent attempt to justifying the evil behavior of Islamists around the world by pointing out the evils of America.  When people commit crimes against other people they are denounced in America.  Where is the denouncement of radical Islam in Egypt, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, and Iraq?  The fact is the exact opposite is true – Islamic governments condone and applaud evil behavior in the name of Islam.  Your moral indignation over something that you’ve come across from nearly 70 years ago hardly seems sincere.  It appears more like a “See, there are things you Americans do too.”  This is an attempt to justify the unjustifiable behavior of radical Islamists.

You will never convince me of the good of Islam.  The evidence of the evil of Islam is in the newspapers everyday.  I believe there are many Muslims who do not agree with the Islamists who commit these evil deeds.  Unfortunately they are afraid to speak out against the crimes Islamists commit in the name of Allah.  Islam is inherently evil and as a Christian I understand that the positions Islam advocates and teaches are in direct contradiction to Christian theism.  Jesus either is or He is not the Son of God and Savior of the world.  There is no middle ground on that point.  Israel either is or isn’t God’s chosen people whom He will redeem upon His return.  There is no middle ground on that point either.  The Bible either is or it is not the Word of God.  Islamists vehemently disagree with Christians on all these points.  Islam teaches as you well know that God is One, he does not have a son, Jesus was only a prophet and not the greatest or final prophet, the Bible has been hopelessly corrupted, and Jews and Christians are worthy only of being Kafirs or killed, whichever is more convenient.  This last point marks a very important distinct between Christianity and Islam – as a Christian I don’t want to kill you for having a different religion.  The same cannot be said about Islamists.

Americans make a serious error in judgment when they view Islam as only a religion.  Islam is much more political than it is religious.  Sharia for example is presented as Islamic religion but it is actually Islamic jurisprudence and political espionage masquerading under the veil of religion so as to be accepted by unsuspecting infidels.  I know that to truly understand Islam, Americans need to read and study the Koran, the Sira, and the Hadith.  This Islamic trilogy defines Islam as a political ideology more than a religion, because they are based on the life and sayings of Mohammed.  I have and continue to study Islam so as to be prepared to defend Christianity against this attack and my nation from further infiltration politically by Islamists.

Only Jesus Christ saves people from their sins.  I show you no love by acting as if your belief in Allah and Islam makes no difference to me.  It makes a great deal of difference to me.  You must place your faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins or you will leave this earth separated from God forever.  That is the teaching of the Bible.  I am not free to change that. You are free to believe otherwise.

Finally, I am not presenting this response in an argumentative fashion.  That is one of the short comings of electronic correspondence.  I have attempted here to show you the futility of pointing out an evil and suggesting that no one has the right to criticize another on the basis that everyone commits evil in somebody’s opinion.  Your argument has merely pointed to a fact that Christians advocate – namely, the standard of right and wrong cannot reside in our own minds but is instead found in God’s standards.  When our behavior is different from God’s standards then we have every right to criticize and condemn.  I do not intend to carry on a running debate about the many manifestations of evil in the world and who is to blame for the many problems facing America today.  I have responded to your request as honestly and openly as possible.  I wish the grace of God to enlighten your mind to see the truth of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Mike Spaulding

October 4, 2010