What We Must Learn From Cecil

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Virtual virtuosity is a deadly disease that first blinds adherents and then kills them morally.

America is in the throes of a monumental moral struggle. The recent and ongoing release of videos showing the barbaric evil that Planned Parenthood conducts as a matter of everyday “business” has shaken America like nothing in recent memory. Commentators from many different perspectives have offered their take on the monstrous actions of murdering babies in the womb in such a way that organs can be preserved for sale to a robust “after-market” of so-called research and medical facilities.

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Has the Supreme Court Said?

Supreme Court Building

Friends I have deliberately taken some time to consider the Supreme Court decision that created legislation making homosexual marriage legal in all fifty states. I want to address this in as clear a fashion as possible.

One thing that has become painfully apparent to me is that the Christian Church in America and by that I mean the big “C” Church, has been deceived into believing that life would continue on like it has always been and our Disneyland existence in the land of milk and honey would go on uninterrupted indefinitely.

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Soaring Eagle Radio Show 2 – Garth Kennedy – The Reliability of the Bible

The debate is never ending. Can we trust the Bible? What about the errors? Haven’t we arrived at the place where we can discard these old myths? My guest on SER Episode 2 is from the beautiful environs of South Queensland, Australia, Garth Kennedy. Many of you know him as GK from Like Flint Radio.

It seems a very strange thing to say that in an age of increased spirituality, the number of believers who are remaining faithful to the teaching of the Bible is diminishing. If the Bible is the very word of God, it is a reliable and steadfast voice that can direct our lives.

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Matthew 5:13-16 – How Are You Using Your Influence?

sermon on the mount

By now most of you know that I appreciate the cartoon strip “Peanuts” created by the late Charles Shultz.

I remember one strip that featured Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown having a conversation.  You may recall that Peppermint Patty was one of the characters in the Peanuts family who always seemed to treat Charlie Brown (or Chuck as she called him) well.

This particular strip showed the two walking home from school.  PP says to Charlie Brown, “Guess what Chuck?  The 1st day of school, and I got sent to the principal’s office.  And it was your fault Chuck.”

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