What Do You Want Me To Do For You?

Jesus heals blind man

The gospel of Matthew relates an event in which Jesus is traveling from Jericho on His way to Jerusalem. As Jesus walked a great multitude followed Him. Along the way they encountered two blind men that were sitting by the roadside. In that time and place, these two men likely occupied that same spot day after day, asking alms of travelers. This day would be unlike any other day in their lives.

The text of Matthew in chapter 20 verse 30 states that these two blind men heard that Jesus was passing by. They didn’t need to be told a crowd was passing by because they would have known that from all the noise. What is significant in verse 30 is they “heard Jesus was passing by.” This means the crowd surrounding Jesus was abuzz with His name. Upon hearing the name of Jesus the two blind men immediately shouted out, “Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David.”

This is significant for a number of reasons. One, by addressing Jesus as Lord, they were recognizing His power. Lord is Adonai, God Almighty. They knew that Jesus could heal them of their blindness. Next they called Jesus “Son of David,” which signifies their belief that Jesus was the long-awaited messiah of Israel. In making this profession the two blind men were saying they believed Jesus would want to heal them.

Taken together, the faith of the two blind men was noteworthy, especially given the tepid attitude of the multitude following Jesus who told the two blind men to “shut up.” But this did not stop the two blind men from seizing their moment and they cried out even louder, so as to be heard over the chatter of the multitude. “Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David.”

Can you imagine the expectation of these two men when as it says in verse 32, “Jesus stopped.” The noise of shuffling feet, of numerous conversations, of laughter, of scorn toward them, all ceased in a moment because Jesus stopped. And then in the midst of the silence, while every eye looked first upon Jesus and then at the objects of His attention – the two blind men, Jesus spoke these words, “What do you want me to do for you?”

Can you understand how the hearts of these men must have been beating with anxious anticipation? Jesus had just asked them what they wanted Him to do for them. Without hesitation they responded in unison, “Lord, we want our eyes to be opened.” Verse 34 says, “And moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes; and immediately they regained their sight and followed Him.”

Friends, this is one event among thousands, where Jesus demonstrated His compassion and loving care for men and women. There is one thing that every person needs in this life, and that is to have their eyes opened to see Jesus for who He is. Do you know Him as Savior and Lord? Today can be the day of your salvation. Wherever you are stop and pray to God and ask Him to forgive you of your sin and to accept you as His child by faith. Then live the life of a disciple by following Jesus.

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They Can’t All Be True


A very common bumper sticker is making the rounds these days. This bumper sticker contains one word – COEXIST. Each letter of the word coexist utilizes a different religious symbol to spell out the word.  For example in some renditions the C is a crescent moon representing Islam and the T is a cross that represents Christianity. Other religions such as Hinduism, Judaism, and Taoism are also represented. The meaning is clear – all religions can and must coexist if there is to be world peace.

This idea is not new. There has been an ongoing effort for decades to find common ground among the world’s largest religious groups. What is new however is that the effort is now being publicly advocated by the United Nations as well as several so-called World Congresses that meet yearly or bi-annually to discuss strategies to unite the religions of the world into one homogeneous whole.

The first issue that I have with this thinking is that it is illogical and demonstrably false. The idea that all religious people must learn to coexist for peace to occur assumes that religious people are responsible for conditions other than peace. While it is a common refrain of the easily duped, the idea that religion has caused the most death and war is easily refuted.

Joseph Stalin of Russia and Mao Tse-tung of China are responsible for nearly 125 million deaths of their own citizens.* We don’t even need to take into consideration other despots, tyrants, and dictators throughout history that easily dwarf any deaths caused by religious fanatics.

A second issue that the COEXIST mentality overlooks is this – How do you convince people who believe in diametrically opposite religious principles to forsake those? The clear answer is by coercion. That means that if the current trend of COEXIST manipulation continues you can expect to see various attempts to pass laws that drastically curtail religious expression. We are seeing this strategy being employed today in America, aimed specifically at Christianity.

A third issue with the misguided COEXIST philosophy is that advocates believe that the creation of a religious utopia will result in a global political utopia. Again, the primary cause of wars, crime, and evil generally speaking is not religion. It is the unregenerate heart of sinful man that refuses to acknowledge the Creator.

Finally, the thinking that supports a COEXIST theology ignores the impossibility of the task.  In order for all religions to coexist peacefully, the primary points of difference will need to be removed completely. No other religious system teaches a personal God who came to earth and died for the sins of mankind. For Christians this means that the teaching that there is salvation in no other name but Jesus Christ will need to be denied. That is the definition of apostasy and will never happen for true believers.

Friends, do not buy into the dream of the religious Utopians. That path leads to death. Stand firm in the Lord Jesus Christ and continue to proclaim the good news of salvation in Him alone. That is a transforming truth.

*Mao is responsible for nearly 65 million murders of Chinese citizens click here for resource.

*Stalin is responsible for nearly 60 million murders of Russian citizens. Click here for resource.