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  1. How close do you think the US is to some catastrophic event and what would it be by your best guess? Is 2017 or 2018 likely?

    • Hi Cindy:

      Thanks for contacting me. The neocons and government hawks are beating their drums for war. Whether it is Russia or Syria I believe the US will be forced into a conflict someplace. This is good for the military industrial complex business that has a hand in running the US government, but it is very bad for freedom and liberty. What we’ve learned about the US government in the last 5 decades or so is that it serves the interests of banksters and corporations and only incidentally that of its citizens. Domestically President Trump is in grave danger because of the continued hatred and violence being instigated by these same people and organizations. So yes 2017 could still reveal a very difficult event for the Americans.

      Pastor Mike

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