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Commander in Grief: Obama’s Attempt to Sabotage the Incoming Trump Administration – Ross Powell

Since the Electoral College confirmed the election of Donald Trump as the next POTUS, the outgoing administration has raised both eyebrows and ire with its incredulous behavior on all fronts during the lame duck period. Before considering the litany of actions taken and their implications, it is important to take a step back and look at where we are as a country.

No recent incident illustrates the fervent push toward societal division, bitterness, and utter insanity more accurately than the kidnapping of a special needs teenager by four young black adults (three are 18 and the fourth is 24) in Chicago who injured their victim physically and emotionally. The teens broadcast the horrendous crime on Facebook Live and the video is filled with curses leveled at Donald Trump and white people in general.

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Remnant Radio Network Episode 2 – Telling The Truth Not Fake News

Join Ross Powell and Chris Baucom as they discuss the news, the fake news narrative, and food storage tips!


Geopolitics, Finance, and Trump – Ross Powell and Steven Menking


Ross Powell of Survival 401k and Remnant Radio Network joins Steven on this episode of The Amateur society to discuss geopolitics and financial affairs following the election of Donald Trump.